Security policy

EUROBULK LTD security policy aims at providing a secure working environment on board company’s ships by establishing and maintaining the security measures needed to prevent unlawful actions that threaten the security of the crew and the properties on board.

EUROBULK LTD objectives are:

- Implement security procedures in the operation of ships to safeguard the security of own ship and port facilities
- Comply with the requirements of SOLAS Chapter XI-2, ISPS Code (International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities) and industry guidelines, such as Best Management Practices, as applicable
- Detect security threats and take appropriate preventive measures against potential security incidents
- Enhance the ability and security consciousness of the Company’s ashore and on board staff
and - Provide emergency response procedures for potential security risks.

In order to effectively implement and maintain its Security Policy EUROBULK LTD:

- Established a Ship Security Plan for each ship to detect security threats and take preventive measures as necessary
- Ensures that the Company Security Officer (CSO), the Master, the Ship Security Officer (SSO), are given the necessary support to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in accordance with SOLAS Chapter XI-2 and ISPS Code
- Takes into account related guidelines, standards, codes and publications as applicable
- Implements procedures to prepare and respond to security related emergency situations
- Designate appropriate senior staff with overall responsibility for security within the Company and individual ships
- Promotes security awareness, through training amongst all employees
and - Consistently and systematically review her security procedures and security plans, and carries out internal audits in order to continually improve the security processes and measures.

It is hereby declared that the Master has the overriding responsibility and authority to make decisions with respect to the Security of the ship and to request the assistance of the Company or any Contracting Government as may be necessary.